5 Things

5 Things

Toma Davi has asked of the top 5 things Messianics either need to include or avoid

#1 YHWH’s Name written by Moses ignored by Orthodox, Rabbis, etc. and Rabbinic types for ‘Adonai’ everywhere.

#2 Realizing Yahshua is our High Priest in the order of Melkizedeq – Ps.110 / Heb.7:21

#3 Realizing you have been called into the Melkizedeq Priesthood – 1Ptr.2:9 – Rev.5:10 originally from Ex.19:5-6

#4 The coming together as ‘one new man’; which cannot truly happen until you accept #3

#5 ‘one new man’ is an opportunity to test everything to make the way straight – to test the truth, lose the errors and trash the lies

Most of us that have found the Hebrew roots of the Christian faith have a Church background or upbringing of some kind. We all have had to repent and turn from many things – That learning-awareness-repenting process is not over. In some cases there are those with very little to no background at all; which may be a plus when coming to the truth for there is nothing to unlearn or defend. We all must realize that we are to be on that straight and narrow path (Mt.7:13), – neither turning to the right or
the left (Dt.5:32 – Prv.4:27). It is crucial to realize that there is a ‘Christian Church’ ditch on one side and a ‘Rabbinic Jewish’ ditch on the other – Both – that must be discerned and/or avoided.

There is a Messianic ‘Pastor’ that has changed a Sunday Church to a Messianic Jewish Assembly who did make the statement; “I am not about to give up a bunch of Church error only to embrace a bunch of Jewish error”. The intention of that statement is supremely accurate. Yet despite the correctness of that correct statement many have embraced, adamantly defend and vigorously justify implementing/use Rabbinic Jewish error just the same. Many Messianic Assemblies exhibit a distinct slide into ever more increasing Rabbinics. The way I have said it is; ‘It’s as huge a mistake to trash everything Jewish just because it’s Jewish, as it is to embrace everything Jewish just because it’s Jewish’ – we must use discernment at all points.


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