Say it Ain’t So

Say it Ain’t So

Let me break this down for you ‘say it ain’t so’ guys – IF;

Yahshua has Not come in the NT; Then No-one has

He has not restored the Melkizedeq Priesthood

Nothing has changed – NOTHING! – Not the Laws or the Levitical Priesthood mandate of Num.3:12 – From Torah – ANY of It !!!

But ain’t it odd the Jews (All Law Messianics, Orthodox, Rabbinic to Anti-Missionaries) act on a change – all the while claiming there isn’t 1 – excusing these range of respective changes with anything from ‘No Temple’ to who knows what; without a valid legal Torah premise to do so – ???.

All the while rejecting Yahshua as Shiloh/Messiah (the only valid reason for ‘change’ in/from Torah Gen.49:10) and His New Covenant contained in the NT and (in most cases) the NT itself (including ‘pick&choose’)

This means You MUST follow ALL Torah mandates (to the letter) – All the Laws, the Levitical Priesthood, All the sacrifices (including animal – by fire), All the observances (including seeking out a Levitical Priest), etc.

But; You don’t – None of you – Not the Jews, Orthodox, Rabbinic to Anti-Missionaries.

A Levitical Priest? – Where are they? How is anyone to do this today?

You defer to un-Scriptural usurping Rabbis or just fly by the seat of your own pants (doing what is right in your own eyes)

In confluence total – At the Very Best this is a ‘double-speak’ – at worst; the outright disobedience that Moses spoke of in Dt.31.

You’d better reconsider your ‘nothing has changed’ / All Law / un-Rightly Divided Torah; position!

Choose Wisely


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