One New Man – Simple Outline

One New Man – Simple Outline

One New Man (Eph.2:15) is a start; a ground floor opportunity to set things straight – to make the path straight for our King – to reevaluate all Church, Jewish and Rabbinic values to see if they are indeed Biblical – To test the Truth, correct the Errors and trash the Lies.

There is no One New Man without the Melkizedeq Priesthood minus any version (a counterfeit; be it Church/Messianic/Jewish/Ortohdox/Rabbinic, anti-missionary, etc.) of the Levitical Priesthood mindset (Ezk.20:10-25). We cannot be One New Man (Eph.2:15) without accepting Yahshua our Melkizedeq High Priest. Ergo; We cannot be One New Man without accepting our position in the Melkizedeq Priesthood (1Ptr.2:9). When We accept Yahshua we (Jews & Gentiles – the One New Man part) become the ‘commonwealth of Israel’ (Eph.2:12) in the same ‘household’ (Eph.2:19/Rom.11:25).

Acts 17:11 tells us to ‘search’, 2Tim.2:15 tells us to ‘rightly divide’, Acts 15:10 About the ‘Gentile Question’ tells us not to ‘lay on [what] we and our fathers [Jews] where not able to bare’. While Acts 15:19-21 is the clearest NT directive that we are to learn the words of Moses on Shabbat. This in itself ID’s a ‘rightly divide’ point.

We must realize that the Melkizedeq Priesthood (YHWH’s 1st chioce) is a much freer Priesthood; But not the freeskate of the Grace ‘No law’ Christian Church neither the all law Levitical version approach of the Jewish/Ortohdox/Rabbinic, etc. Understanding that we are to be on that straight & narrow path; neither turning to the right nor to the left; knowing that there is a Christian Church ditch on 1 side and a Jewish Rabbinic ditch on the other. Adopting the attitude; that we are not about to give up a bunch of Church error only to embrace a bunch of Jewish/Rabbinic error.

This is a simple 1 page overview; yes there are deeper questions that require reasoned answers. That being said; Gen.1:1 thru Ex.24:8-11 is the Melkizedeq portion of Torah (T of the TaNaK – The 1st 5 Books of Moses) that include; The 10 Com’dts, 7th Day Sabbath, Annual Feastdays, New Moons, Clean Meats, Not eating blood, Not eating unclean, Redeeming of the 1st Born, Passover, Unl-Brd, Shavuot, Sukkot, etc.

What many have yet to realize is that that according to Jos.5:2 & :5 (under the Levitical Priesthood Heb.7:11) after a 40yr (Ex.32 covenant break) secession; circumcision (1ce Melkizedeq-Gen.17) is now a Levitical issue. Atonement fasting is a post Ex.32 covenant break phenomenon – Ex 29:33 Aaron & Sons were to *eat* the Atonement – Further that Rom.5:11 (of Mlkzdq renewal) declares that Yahshua is our Atonement. That the law of The Book of the Law (Gal.3:10 – Ex.24:12 thru Dt.31:26) is Levitical Heb.7:11 and was added because of transgression Gal.3:19. Exactly what Ezk.20:10-25 tells us and evidences of Ex.19:5 thru Ex.32. Plainly that the Levitical ‘not good’ was ‘also’ added to the ‘My’ Melkizedeq because of transgression. Plainly YHWH is the Melek Zedeq – King of Righteousness.

Yahweh says that He does nothing except He reveals it to His prophets (Amos 3:7) – He also says that is His good pleasure to hide a matter (Prv.25:2) – Having said that – there is a pending change of Torah spelled out ‘in’ Torah Gen.49:10. Therefore it is Not a change ‘of’ Torah to enact the change ‘in’ Torah; that has always been right there in the pages of Torah. Thereby it is not a change, but a fully filling of Torah Mt.5:17/Jn.7:16. That must have a fulfillment also; within the physical earthly lifetime of Yahshua at His 1st coming. To do anything less is a violation of Dt.4:2.

We must realize that Yahshua is our Melkizedeq High Priest; That we are called into that Priesthood (1Ptr.2:9). We must truly look and assess 2Cor.3:11-13, Heb.7: 11-12; 9:10, Jer.31:31-33/Heb.8:8-10, etc. with a fresh Melkizedeq Mind. We must accept that Church is to be part of the Israel commonwealth Eph.2:12, Rom.11:25, Gen.48:19, Jn.10:16 incumbent to the same Melkizedeq Covenant and Laws (Ex.12:49 – which is Melkizedeq).

We are to have the ‘faith’ of Abraham (Rom.4:16). At the point of Yahweh’s Gen.12 ‘oath’ did Abraham wear tzitzits? Or a Kippa? Was he or anyone else circumcized, Was there a Book of the Law? Was there a Levitical Priesthood, Was there a Levite? Was there a Talmud, Mishnah, Avot, Targums, Gamarah, Rabbis, Oral Torah, etc. or any of the things thought so vitally important? Answer; No – But there was a Melkizedeq Priest Gen.14 – And it was said of Abraham; That he kept – my voice, my charge, my commandments, my statutes, and my laws (Gen.18:19, 26:5), all Melkizedeq.

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