Reward of Offerings & Donations

This from another exchange on a TWR FB site

C R @Drdave Perry, my reply is perhaps inexcusable, but honest. I simply do not have the time to devote to reading all the books that I would like to and my financial resources are limited. I can’t buy a book to have it gather dust on the shelf. I must know I can devote the time to read and study anything I purchase. I find your insights concerning the Melchizedek/Levitical Priesthoods to be important and compelling. I appreciate how much you are willing to share for “free”, knowing the investment and devotion you have given to the topic. This topic sits in the back of my mind, and bit by bit, my reading of Scripture reveals and highlights the importance and relevance of it. I am grateful and thankful for what you do share, and for the questions you provoke in my own thinking. What you post, and the questions you ask helps kick down the walls of the boxes I am constantly building in my understandings and belief, and keep me in a teachable mode., constantly seeking His truth.

Drdave Perry – @C R – While I can agree with you concerning – ‘buy[ing] a book to have it gather dust on the shelf. That is the point – that is the human psyche – if one doesn’t put out value – they won’t place value on

On 1 level I can hardly believe my having to make a case for such a small amount – 15 bucks will not tax anyone – Yet obviously you all have a Computer – with Software – Internet Connection – etc. which all costs (some ongoing) way more than a 1 time 15 bucks

Then there is the fact that most of you give tithe&offerings&donations to some where (???) that teach ‘mixed’ messages and/or don’t teach any of what I teach here; yet I don’t see even a 1 time penny from most of you here on TWR

All this not considering where or how much ‘dust’ has gathered

I am compelled to point out

Gal 6:6 Let him that is taught in the word communicate (contribute, support, give, distribute, ongoing, etc.) unto him that teacheth in all good things.

This is the Melkizedeq mandate of the New Testament

That to ‘sow sparingly’ is to ‘reap sparingly’ – That to ‘sow bountifully’ is to ‘reap bountifully’

That also is the Melkizedeq principle of the New Testament along with several others concerning ongoing contribution.

You say you believe? – You say you strive to obey? – I cannot compel or mandate your individual obedience that is up to each 1 of you.

But I can make all of you aware that you will either enjoy or suffer your reward – Despite the excuse – Remember ‘reward’ can be – but – does not have to be good

Enjoy your reward


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