Thot I’d post this


Thot I’d post this so you could copy this and use it among your own Sabbath-only (& Sunday-Keeper for that fact) individuals & groups you come across

From DrDave

I was raised as a Sunday-Keeper – I lost all interest – When I came back; I had to agree that the 10 Com’dts stand – including #4. What I did learn as a Sunday-Keeper is that as the Sabbath goes, it has to either stand or fall together with the Feast System it is party to. Plainly according to Lev.23 that position is correct.

Many Sabbath-only-Keeping Churches forget and do not teach that the 7th Day Sabbath is the Weekly App’td Time ie Feast (Lev.23:2-3) party to the rest of the Annual App’td Times ie Feasts (Lev.23:4-44).

In view of the forgoing & Dan 7:25 “… think to change times and laws:…” – Isn’t it high time we as a Body re-examine Yahweh’s Feasts of Lev.23 to actually observe?


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