A Melkizedeq Overview


A Melkizedeq Overview

To encapsulate a Melkizedeq overview; as it relates to Abraham and ultimately the Israelites and thereby extending to us as, the grafted in ‘Commonwealth of Israel’ (Eph.2:12/Rom.11:25/Gen.48:19).

Gen.12 is under the Melkizedeq Priesthood lineage (Heb.7:3); and is Yahweh’s everlasting ‘oath’ *to* Abraham and his descendants (us – Rom 4:16). It is unbreakable / It is unconditional, dependent on YHWH alone (Heb 6:13) – Undefilable by man; not dependent on man.

Gen.15 – The Promise Guarantee Covenant. Made *with* Abraham and his descendants. This covenant was conditional (ie breakable) being attached to a ‘death position’ that YHWH and His Son Yahshua accepted on our behalf (Gen.15:17). Yahshua being the ‘go`el’ hence the ‘Lamb’ of/for Yah. This is where Abraham receives the Melkizedeq mantle thru this covenant exchange.

Gen.17 – The 1st command of Melkizedeq ‘physical circumcision’ – the entry sign/token to the covenants. These covenants Gen.15 (including 17) and Ex.19 were broken by the ‘Gold Calf’ at Ex.32 (Jer.31:31-33).

Ex.19:5 thru 24:8 is the ‘Book of the Covenant’ it is the ‘answer’ (Gal.3:17) to the Gen.15 ‘Promise’. It concluded with a ‘Covenant Confirming Meal’ (Ex.24:9-11). It started by giving the Melkizedeq Priesthood to the entire Israelite nation ‘if’ they kept the Covenant. They did not;

Ex.32 is the ‘Gold Calf’ Covenant break issue that thrust all of Israel into being a nation ‘with’ Levitical Priests instead of the original nation ‘of’ Melkizedeq Priests. This situation ran concurrent till the Death and Resurrection of Yahshua. Ex.32 is also the point at which the entire Israelite nation stopped circumcising anyone (Jos.5:5) for 40yrs till they entered the land.

This ushers in the Levitical ‘Book of the Law’ (Heb.7:11) retroactive to Ex.24:12 (post Covenant ratification – Ex.24:7-8 / Gal.3:15) thru Dt,31:26. This ran concurrent till the time of Yahshua’s crucifixion death. However it is still promulgated (even today) by those (who are many) that do not agree with Heb.7:12, etc.

Jos.5:2 –  The 2nd command of Levitical ‘physical circumcision’; after a 40+yr. lapse from Ex.32. Rendering all ‘physical circumcision’ from that point on (including today) ‘Levitical’.  The only circumcision to remain is ‘circumcision of the heart’ which is Melkizedeq (Heb.7:3)

The Jer.31:31-33 prophesy of the New Covenant (Ezk.36:26-27) which is Melkizedeq; confirmed at Heb.8:8-10 and blood ratified at Mt.26:28, Mk.14:24, Lk.22:20, etc. on Passover. Reconnecting with Ex.12 the only Melkizedeq Passover in the entire Bible till Yahshua’s Death.

Yahshua’s Passover crucifixion Death – Freeing Him from the constraints of Levitical Law – Examples include; He was crucified naked; His tzitzits were removed ie (same as cut-off – Rom.7:1) – He is now free to be the Melkizedeq High Priest and restore the Melkizedeq Priesthood (1Pt.2:9/Heb.7:12). The Levitical Law reverts back to the original Melkizedeq Law and with it ‘circumcision of the heart’.

Leading to the future Mow`edim/Appointed Time of the yet future Marriage of the Lamb to His Bride – Israel *and* the much hailed ‘Marriage Supper of the Lamb’ the ultimate Covenant Confirming Meal (Ex.24:9-11/Lk.22:20/Rev.19:7; 9).


Belief Perseverance


Belief Perseverance

Ever wonder why others resist the Truth?

It’s easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled —
Mark Twain

Acts 17:11  These were more noble than those in Thessalonica, in that they received the word with all **readiness of mind**, and searched the scriptures daily, whether those things were so.

v.s. Belief Perseverance

“Belief perseverance is the tendency to cling to ideas even when confronted with evidence to the contrary. This resistance might cause people to hold onto any sort of belief or opinion when the belief is shown to be unfounded or has even proved to be completely untrue. In some cases, this delusion can provide the self-belief needed to face new challenges, but belief perseverance also can prevent the honest appraisal needed for making good decisions.

People face and dismiss contradictory evidence on a daily basis. For instance, if a man who believes that he is a good driver receives a ticket, he might reasonably feel that this single incident does not prove anything about his overall ability. If, however, a man who has caused three traffic accidents in a month believes that he is a good driver, it probably can be said that belief perseverance is at work.

Research into belief perseverance has identified three categories of belief that might be involved. Self-impressions might understate or overstate actual qualities or abilities in the individual. Social impressions relate to specific individuals and qualities these people possess. Naive theories are impressions of the way the world works, including social groups and stereotypes, **religious tenets**, home remedies and expectations of the future”.

“Once we have decided that we believe something, we will tend to keep on believing it, even in the face of disconfirming evidence. **Particularly if other people know of our belief, it can be embarrassing to climb down from our previous assertions**.

**It is also difficult to remove a belief which has been woven into a wider web of belief, without disturbing those other beliefs**”.

Levitical Birth


This photo has more truth than most realize. Ex.32 the point of the Melkizedeq Book of the Covenant break brought the start of the Levitical Priesthood.

The Israelites had defiled themselves and were no longer eligible to be Melkizedeq Priests in the Melkizedeq Priesthood (Ex.19:5-6)

Yet we revert back to that Melkizedeq Priesthood (1Ptr.2:9) under Yahshua our High Priest after the order of Melkizedeq

Heb 7:12 For the priesthood being changed, there is made of necessity a change also of the law.

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I have been asked

About some issues you may want to consider – before (or after the fact) you do them.

Kippah – Yamaka

Ex 39:27 And they made <`asah> coats <k@thoneth> of fine linen <shesh> of woven <‘arag> work <ma`aseh> for Aaron <‘Aharown>, and for his sons <ben>,

28 And a mitre <mitsnepheth> of fine linen <shesh>, and goodly <p@’er> bonnets <migba`ah> of fine linen <shesh>, and linen <bad> breeches <miknac> of fine twined <shazar> linen <shesh>,

04021.  hebgm  migba`ah,  mig-baw-aw’
from the same as 1389; a cap (as hemispherical):–bonnet.

What is a Kippah but a hemispherical cap

This is to Aaron and his sons not even to all Levites. So the truth is that all Jews of the ‘House of Judah’ inclusive  of the tribe of Judah, the tribe of Benjamin, a partial tribe of Levites (Orthodox, Rabbinic, etc. including converts, including Messianic, and identifying others) that are not Levites; specifically of the ‘Sons of Aaron’, that wear the Kippah (hemispherical cap ) anyway; appear to be in clear violation of the Torah command given specifically to the ‘Sons of Aaron’.


Num 15:38 Speak <dabar> unto the children <ben> of Israel <Yisra’el>, and bid <‘amar> them that they make <`asah> them fringes <tsiytsith> in the borders <kanaph> of their garments <beged> throughout their generations <dowr>, and that they put <nathan> upon the fringe <tsiytsith> of the borders <kanaph> a ribband <pathiyl> of blue <t@keleth>:

This was all under the Levitical Priesthood (post Ex.32) – ‘for under it the people received the law’ (Heb.7:11)

Did Yahshua wear tzitzits? – I believe that He did; for He was born as one under the law (Gal.4:4). The same law that made Him ineligible to ever be a Levitical Priest (Heb.7:13-14).

Yahshua is our High Priest after the order of Melkizedeq; therefore the law had to ‘change’ (Gen.49:10; Heb.7:11-14)

During an Orthodox Funeral – the tzitzit of the deceased are cut off; for they know that upon death you are no longer under the law (Rom.7:1).

Is it just me; but aren’t we that believe and claim Yahshua baptized into His ‘death’ (Rom.6:3)?

Rom 4:16 Therefore <dia> <touto> it is of <ek> faith <pistis>, that <hina> it might be by <kata> grace <charis>; to the end <eis> the promise <epaggelia> might be <einai> sure <bebaios> to all <pas> the seed <sperma>; not <ou> to that only <monon> which is of <ek> the law <nomos>, but <alla> to that also <kai> which is of <ek> the faith <pistis> of Abraham <Abraam>; who <hos> is <esti> the father <pater> of us <hemon> all <pas>

Did the faith of Abraham include the wearing of Tzitzits? Num.15 was almost 5 centuries removed from the time of Abraham. What is clear it that anything before Num.15 is not under or subject to Num.15.

Prayer Shawl –

Abraham’s attire with little doubt would have been conducive to something akin to a Prayer Shawl. However; the modern Prayer Shawl sporting Babylonian Block Script writing (Jewish captivity writing thot of as ‘Hebrew’) is not the Paleo-Hebrew Abraham would have known or Moses would have written the Torah in.

This is the prayer recorded on the neck of the modern ‘tallit’ inclusive of ‘Adonai’ – “and commanded us to wrap ourselves in the tzitzit” – This is a stretch to expand ‘tzitzit’ to mean ‘tallit’

Or ‘ commanded us to light candles, Or commanded us to this or that, etc. not specified in Torah or Scripture.

Going to Jewish Synagogue

There can be useful even valuable insights from such an endeavor – BUT –
You certainly will not gain the fully-accounted-for proper answers looking to the Jews – Orthodox, Rabbinic to Karaite, etc. – For they all will explain the Messianic scriptures in a way that does not validate Yahshua or His Messianic claim. (Gen.49:10, Ps.110:1;4 – Heb.7:11- **21 – etc.)

The issue continues into who is being called “Melchizedek” at Ps.110:4. Those leaning towards and/or convinced of Orthodox (to Karaite) thought say it is King David – this would agree with and tend to gird Jewish thought that again denies Yahshua as Meshiach; and therefore cannot be the Melchizedek High Priest. But look at what the Psalmist King David wrote at Ps.110:1; ‘YHWH said to Adonai’ or in English ‘my LORD said to my Lord’ – David was a man after Yah’s own heart. David was a lot of things but flagrant arrogance is not one them. Do you really think that David could be so presumptuous  as to shoehorn himself into ‘YHWH said to Adonai’? Prophesying as he exalts himself in his own writings? Ps.110 speaks to Yahshua being the Melchizedek High Priest, as understood and confirmed by the Apostle Paul (Heb.7:21).

Orthodox Judaism does not revere, acknowledge or accept Yahshua as the/their Messiah. Orthodox Judaism does not esteem, acknowledge or accept Yahshua’s crucifixion as the death of the Covenant Husband – their Covenant Husband specifically; it is for that reason, they assert the fallacious assertion of an unbroken from Sinai Covenant. Many Messianics agree with that position as well. Not for themselves as Messianics accepting Yahshua as Messiah per-se, but for the Orthodox (Conservative, Reform, etc., to Karaite) of Judaism who do not. Basically saying there are two salvation plans of salvation or two buses out of town; so to speak. This directly contradicts Jer.31:31-33, the ‘one law’ edict of Ex.12:49 and Num.15:16. In addition to that fact – the New Covenant Messiah is the “only way” (John 14:6) which reveals an incongruent Messianic ‘vain imagination’ compromise.

You may want to go to my website http://www.YahsSpiritofTruth.com. (or look for ‘teachings’ on a web search). As resources go most do not define what needs to be understood concerning the Melchizedek Priesthood.
You might also consider the research done in my book ‘The Covenants of Promise’ available through ‘LuLu/Starlight Publishing’ as an informative resource. (book – ‘Back to the Melchizedek Future’)


Most Orthodox, Reform, Conservative and Messianic Jews alike recite the ‘Shama’ of Dt.6:4 and the Aaronic Blessing of Num.6 saying ‘Adonai Eloheynu’ – Adonai, Adonai this and that Adonai. The problem is Moses did not write ‘Adonai Eloheynu’ at Dt.6:4; he wrote ‘YHWH Elohim’. Num.6:27 uses the dynamic of Hebrew literature; restating to stress the point “ …they shall put my name up
on the children of Israel; and I will bless them”; That “Name” occurring four times (Num.6:22-27) is Yahweh. The third commandment Ex.20:7 of the Book of the Covenant (Ex.19:5-24:8) suffers similar abuse. So; believer you decide are we learning the words of Moses or replacements of the Rabbi’s? Are we truly being ‘blessed’ by the disobedient as they disobey? However you feel about Nehemia Gordon – he is correct of this assessment – ‘the Rabbis have turned what is supposed to be ‘the Aaronic Blessing’ into an “Ironic blessing”’.

Very briefly the problem is this; ‘adonai’ is a legitimate Hebrew word, it does occur in scripture some 460 times. Near something upward to 1/3rd of those references refer to men; example – Abraham is called ‘adonai’ (Gen.23:6). The ‘tetragrammaton’ YHWH (Yahweh) occurs at or over 7,000 times. Do you see the problem? They (the Pharisaic / Rabbis) have taken the 5% to cover up the 95% – taking the legitimate (‘adonai’) and using it illegitimately. Like it or not, this is an example of twisting the Scripture; even worse using Scripture to cover and obscure Scripture. Further to manipulate and alter Scripture under the most astir and noble of pretense – Protecting His Name; – the problem is Yahweh never asks for His Name to be hidden from His people. Quite the contrary; He commands that His Name ‘Yahweh’ be placed on His people – That we use His name with respect & caution, but that does not include ‘non-use’ – Thank you mister Rabbi, Pastor, Minister, Reverend, Assembly leader, etc. sir.

Shalom – Dr David L. Perry