What Verse?


What Verse?

P— – @ What verse do you use in Exodus 32 to come up with the ending of circumcision?

This is the un-accounted for issue

The issue is; There is no mention in Torah that the Israelites every stopped circumcision; let alone at Exodus 32. The 40yr lapse of circumcision comes into play at Exodus 32 by way of Jos.5:5 – This verse in Joshua indicates that at some point pursuant to leaving Egypt all the males were circumcised.

Jos.5:5 goes on to plainly state that no male born in the wilderness was circumcised. Which raises the question – why? How could this be after seeing all the miracles? After corporately witnessing Yah and His power as no other group of people ever had? That they would benefit so greatly being freed from abject slavery and would just forget to circumcise all their male babies on the 8th day? Didn’t they love their children – wouldn’t they want their children ‘in’ – covered by the Covenant? With the larger question being – how could those in leadership including Moses allow this situation to persist – and at that for 40 years? With the largest question being – why would Yah accept this ongoing situation without an objection and still provide for them year after year for 40 years?

The question is – What event between initially leaving Egypt at Ex.12 and the witness of Jos.5:5 would cause the Israelites to stop circumcising all their males? Let alone babies on the 8th day for the next 40+yrs? The compelling answer is the ‘Golden Calf’ covenant-breach of Ex.32 (Rom.2:25). They were only 3 months out of Egypt (Ex.19:1) and had just vowed to keep the Covenant at Ex.24:7-8 – which they broke (Jer.31:32) some 40 days later (a total of 4+months). The beginning point of their 40 plus years wilderness wandering. After the covenant break they knew there was no longer any point.

Rom.2:25 For circumcision verily profiteth, if thou keep the law: but if thou be a breaker of the law, thy circumcision is made uncircumcision. – (The very Ex.32 point)

I’ll bet most of you have never heard any of this concerning circumcision in Sunday School, Sabbath School or Torah class – Have you? At least that first Passover in ‘the land’ of Canaan (soon to be Israel) finally was being kept while circumcised (Jos.5:10). Just in time for the famous – battle of Jericho (Jos.6); – all of Israel – finally had been circumcised. But look at all the questions that situation raises.

The setting of the Exodus Book of the Covenant (Ex.19:5-24:8) was the last time Moses ever saw a Melchizedek Israel keeping the Melchizedek Covenant. For after promising to keep the Covenant, Israel makes the Golden Calf (Ex.32); breaks the Covenant, defiles themselves and is no longer eligible to be that Melchizedek Priesthood (including Aaron and his sons). This ineligibility reigned for the next 15 centuries in the form of the Levitical Priesthood till Yahshua’s death and resurrection, – releasing Him (Rom.7:1/Gal.4:4) from the law (the category of Levitical Law Heb.7:11-12) to be – the Melchizedek High Priest (Heb.2:17; 3:1; 4:14-15; 5:5, 10; 6:20; 7:26; 8:1; 9:11; 10:21).

Today; in this Melchizedek era, for those New Testament / Gospel / Torah believers that will decide (as a religious observance) to physically circumcise; know that you are being obedient to the 2nd command of Jos.5:2 (after a 40 year circumcision lapse – Jos.5:5) under the Levitical Priesthood and not obedient to (said obedience issuing from) the 1st command of Gen.17 under the Melkizedeq Priesthood. For the 1st Com’d was broken, with a 40yr. lapse giving rise and need for a 2nd Com’d. Forever separating Gen.17 (the 1st Mlkzdq command) from Jos.5:2 (the 2nd Lvtcl command).

What is more; some lodge the question: – ‘Does Yahweh need to re-command anything?’

Good Point – By the witness/testimony of Ex.34, Jos.5:2, Jer.31:31-33, 2Cor.3:11, Gal.4, Heb.7:12, 1Pt.2:9, etc. – Yes! For physical circumcision (as a religious/covenant value) to be part of the (not like – Jer.31:32) New Covenant, the commandment to be physically circumcised must be stated in / added (re-commanded) to the instructions. You see the re-command to ‘circumcise the heart’ from Deut.10:16 & 30:6 was re-stated in the New Covenant / New Testament at Rom.7:6; Col.2:11, etc. However – The re-command – as a NC/NT command to physically circumcise never was!

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