Viking Runes


Viking Runes

As a point of interest and expanded awareness concerning the ‘Paleo-Hebrew-Script’; there is a valuable connection to be understood concerning the divorced Northern Tribes of Israel … the so-called ‘lost tribes’ of Israel. One thing is certain; they may have been ‘lost’ but they didn’t disappear. They were assimilated into the nations. I have read different research material that exposés physical links connecting many of the English speaking nations (and others) to those ‘lost tribes’.

Anyone can see; if you had a vested interest to hide or deny the identity of the second party of a “Two House” group you would definitely want to hide this.

My wife is Swedish; when she took me to Sweden for the first time we also went to Norway and Denmark (also spelt ‘Danmark’ by the locals). This is interesting for ‘mark’ in Danish can mean ‘land’ so the name actually means ‘Dan-land’. This becomes more interesting realizing that the Hebrew word translated as ‘mark’ is which can mean ‘monument’ and we all know that YHWH’s ‘oath’ to Abraham through Isaac (Gen.15:4) included the land.

We know that ‘Dan’ was a Northern Tribe of Israel. It is also of interest that the word ‘ish’ in Hebrew means ‘man’, so the word ‘Danish’ literally means ‘Dan-man’ just like the composite of the word ‘British’ is actually Hebrew and literally means “ Covenant man . Not to mention that some few of our English words are directly from Hebrew with still being pronounced and meaning pretty much the same.

Along the same lines, another potential enlightenment comes by the word ‘English’. We already know what the word ‘ish’ means; it is not hard to see that the ‘Eng’ of ‘English’ came from the ‘Ang’ of ‘Anglo-Saxon’. What is not popularly considered is that the ‘Saxon’ of ‘Anglo-Saxon’ identifies the ‘Sons of Isaac’ or ‘Saxon’ being ‘Isaac’s Sons’. The potential of this awareness being correct is high, for we know that the sons of Isaac were the sons of the ‘Promise’ (Gen.15:4).

While we were abroad, we went to a Viking Ship Museum in Roskilde Danmark; what I found so un-expectedly corroborating was that the ancient Viking alphabetic script called ‘runes’ (pronounced ‘rue`ins’) looked remarkably like ancient ‘Paleo-Hebrew-Script’; with the “R” being exactly the same and even finding its way to our ‘modern-English-script’ relatively unchanged. Those that would minimize or discount this need to remember, that a clue is a clue precisely because they are unknown and there are not many of them.

It is of interest that ‘mark’ and ‘token’ in the Bible are translated from the same word;

0226. twa ‘owth, oth (oath)
probably from 225 (in the sense of appearing); a signal (literally or figuratively), as a flag, beacon, monument, omen, prodigy, evidence, etc.:–mark, miracle, (en-)sign, token.

Circumcision – of Gen.17:10-11 was to be the ‘sign’ or ‘token’ of the Covenant – Circumcision is definitely going to leave a ‘mark’ meant to ‘evidence’; that is to represent an ‘oath’. Circumcision of the Heart is to ‘evidence’ that same ‘oath’.

Please check out internet websites and compare for yourselves, also word search ‘American British Israelite Heritage’, there’s pro and con on the subject, so weigh the facts. As a personal note; especially after seeing what I personally saw and being able to personally ask questions on site, I find the evidence (including personally researched Scriptural evidence some of which is presented in this book – ‘The Covenants of Promise’) of those ‘for’ more plausible than those ‘against’.

Consider; how would you act?, how would you see yourself?, how would you respond to yourself and others?; how do you think this Nation would be responding if we as a collective actually saw ourselves as being the direct descendants of those that were actually at the foot of Mt. Sinai, receiving the Covenant that contain the Commandments? Even if none of these ‘runes’ considerations were valid; you that would count yourself as a New Creature in the Blood bought Salvation of Messiah ought to (Mat.19:17).

Adapted from My Book – ‘The Covenants of Promise’

Yah’s Esteem


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