The 9th Hour


The 9th Hour

Alot of brew-ha fanfare has been made and much significance place on what day and when (the time) Yahshua died by crucifixion. As thankful as we are for that timing even being mentioned in the Bible; there is a point most have missed. Being that the timing used in these New Testament/Covenant accounts – do not occur in the Torah or the balance of the TaNaK.

The first occurrence in the entire Bible of – Third hour, Sixth hour and Ninth hour; occur in Matthew;

Mt 20:3 And he went out about the **third hour, and saw others
Mt 27:45 Now from the **sixth hour there was darkness over all the land unto the **ninth hour.

This is yet more proof of the pollutions brought back from Babylon by the returning House of Judah ie ‘The Jews’ (actually – the Tribe of Judah, the Tribe of Benjamin and a partial tribe of the Levites)

These ‘pollutions’ include but are not limited to – Names for months (of pagan origin), Names for days (of pagan origin), Change of writing script (Paleo-Hebrew to Babylonian/Jewish Script erroneously called -Hebrew), The loss or at least the change of the Levitical Priesthood to (or to include) Pharisees (& Sadducees) that became Rabbis with a Bet Din; all unscriptural as in Not in Torah – Not in the TaNaK, Mixing Passover Abib 14 for the first day of Unleavened Bread Abib 15, etc.

These terms (Third hour, Sixth hour and Ninth hour) are not instructed by Yahweh. These terms (Third hour, Sixth hour and Ninth hour) are unknown in Torah. These terms (Third hour, Sixth hour and Ninth hour) are unknown in the TaNaK. Where did they come from? The most likely source is this same Babylonian captivity.

Much significance has been placed on when Yahshua died – the 9th hour – 3pm. But of what day? Yahshua said it was Passover (Mt.26:17, Lk.22:7-8) – The Torah 14th of Abib.  Much significance has been placed on Yahshua having to die at the precise time the lambs were to be slaughtered. The point to understand here is it was the precise time the Pharisees (later Rabbis) said the lambs were to be slaughtered. This was not according to Torah.

I will try to explain the event of Ex.12 another way – The Death Angel Passed-Over Egypt on mid-Night the 14th of Abib (Ex.12:29). The Israelites were instructed to strike the doorposts with the lambs blood to show which houses the Death Angel was to Pass-Over. They got the lambs blood from the lamb they had just slaughtered on the beginning evening (night before day – Gen.) of the same 14th and were now roasting. They were told to stay in their houses till morning (Ex.12:22) – Now;

Dt.16:1 says that Yah “brought thee forth out of Egypt by night.” this would have to be the next beginning night of Abib 15  (night before day – Gen.)  – so now the problem becomes – How can you stay in your house till morning and leave at night?  No matter how much anyone would like to – You can’t have it both ways.

Now back to the events of Yahshua ‘s crucifixion – It is true Yahshua had to fulfill the events of Passover of Ex.12 at the precise time – not the erroneous time of the Pharisees. The Ex.12 Passover lamb had to be killed at the beginning night of the 14th with the rest of the 24hr day yet to be played out. Yahshua commanded the disciples to do just that (Lk.22:7-8) and confirmed the New Covenant at this same meal (Lk.22: 18-20)

Yahshua did say at Lk 22:19-20 This bread is my body, This wine is my blood – Think about it – The Ex.12 lamb – its body & blood was a substitute looking forward to Yahshua – Yahshua during the Passover meal was initiating a new observance in accordance to the New Covenant He had just declared (Lk 22:20 from Jer.31:31) and ratified with the same bread & wine which happens to constitute a Covenant Confirming Meal (see – Passover Wedding Reception). That same bread & wine representing His Body & His Blood that was physically shed by crucifixion that same Passover Abib 14 afternoon.

So – All was fully filled during the Passover meal of Yahshua – At the Torah time including the question of His Body & His Blood

The fact of the 9th hour -or- 3pm actually epitomizes and encapsulates Yahshua’s contempt and mocking the religious Jews that were so self convinced of the (wink wink) proper order & time. They were not doing any thing properly – they called court at night, they trumped up charges, they incited the people, they gave over to the Roman court, etc.  AND they were killing lambs at the wrong time – on the tail end of the 14th instead of the beginning – preparing for a Passover meal on the 15th instead of the 14th according to Torah.

Lev 23:5  In the fourteenth day of the first month at even (the beginning) is the YHWH’s passover.
Lev 23:6  And on the fifteenth day of the same month is the feast of unleavened bread unto YHWH: seven days ye must eat unleavened bread. (till the 21st – Ex.12:18)

Notice the contrast between v:5 ‘day’ – Passover is 1 day – vs – v:6 ‘days’ – while UlvBrd is 7 days; starting with the 15th which is an Annual Sabbath – while Passover is not – its an Annual ‘Memorial’ (Ex.12:14 ).

Note – Passover was also to be eaten with UlvBrd but no other UlvBrd meal (7 Days) required the Passover Lamb with bitter herbs except Passover.

Yah’s Esteem


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