Messianic Apologies



Messianic Apologies

There’s a mix every where you go the recipes are different but its a mix nonetheless.

The Christian Church mix in Catholic Imagination and reconstituted pagan error with their own
The Messianic Assemblies mix in Rabbinic Imagination and reconstituted pagan error with their own

The Bible reveals 2 priesthoods 1] Melchizedek 2] Levitical – Biblically from Torah there is no such thing as a Rabbinic or Pharisaic Priesthood or Priest.

Rabbis are an out growth of Pharisee that originate in and out of Jewish Babylonian captivity with the pagan earmarks to prove it.

The ‘Jews’ i.e. ‘House of Judah’ i.e. the tribe of Judah, Benjamin and partial tribe of Levi (Levi the legitimate priesthood Ex.40:13-15) lost their written language, some pronunciations, some definitions, etc. Acquiring writing deemed ‘Hebrew’ (by modern onlookers) actually taught to the ‘Jews’ by their Arab captors – pagan names of months (Babylonian gods and goddesses) still in use today not in Torah (case in point ‘Nisan’ in place of the only name in Torah for any month; the 1st month of ‘Abib’ Ex.12:2) – Acquiring different pronunciations, alternate definitions, applications, practices, etc.

Babylon is the birthplace of the sacredized Talmud and the priesthood usurpment eventually to be known as ‘Pharisee’ – modernly known as ‘Rabbi’. And an indomitably attitude of adding and subtracting to and from Torah forbidden by Torah. This adding and subtracting is facilitated in no small part by the highly speculative and subjective assertion of ‘Oral Torah’ found no where in Torah or the rest of the TaNaK (Dt.31:24).

The nebulous nature of ‘Oral Torah’ allows for inventive ‘options’ at a moments ready in any otherwise meaningful conversation or debate. ‘Oral Torah’ is flatly refuted as a construct of imagination by at least one sect of ‘Jews’ known as the ‘karaites’; which are ‘scirpturalists’. This position is substantiated by such Torah verses that include (but not limited to) Ex.24:3-4; Dt.9:10; 27:3; 28:58; 29:29; 31:12; 31:24; 32:46. Even verses outside Torah that include (but not limited to) Jos.8:34; 24:27; Jer.32:2; 36:2, etc.

‘Rabbi’ just meaning teacher is benign enough; But ‘Rabbi’ as a title bestowed by credentialed conference of a ‘Bet Din’ (a governing body of Rabbi’s) is abjectly unscriptural in the most usurping of terms and position possible. It is a flagrant assumption of a most glaring order; case-in-point when Moses said ‘if something be to hard for you … bring it to the priests’; at that point in Torah there were no ‘Rabbis’ that had assumed upon the Levitical priestly office; ergo neither Moses (or YHWH) ever gave authority to ‘Rabbis’ to supplant anyone.

So; the only respect, deference or legitimacy due a ‘Rabbi’ (or any other claiming title) should be no more than to any other lost sinful man that is trying to (presumably honestly – scripturally) find biblical truth.

‘Rabbis’ assert a legitimizing claim via Ex.18 – the problem is that Ex.18 is a Melchizedek priesthood (plan ‘a’) standard; that was suspended by Yah in favor of a interim plan ‘b’ Levitical priesthood (Num.3:12) until Messiah came (Gen.49:10; Gal.3:19; Heb.7:12; 9:10, etc). Problem #1 – Orthodox ‘Rabbis’ don’t believe in Yahshua, so for them there is no reversion back to plan ‘a’ – therefore no legitimate appeal to Ex.18.

Orthodox ‘Rabbis’ influencing every stripe of of Judaism including Messianic, lodge the assertion that a/the Priesthood office was given to the Levities via the Talmud, Mishna, Gen.49:5 , etc. Talmud and the rest at best is a commentary of Torah/scripture – it is not scripture. Gen.49:5 is Torah – it is at best a pronouncement involving a curse on Simeon and Levi; recounting the events of Gen.34 that again involved both Simeon and Levi. Gen.49:5 cannot be cut in half to only bless Levi with priesthood that is clearly not there. This Gen.49:5 priesthood blessing assertion is a lie – a direct reassigned reversal fabrication of the highest level of flagrancy – easily revealed as such; but rarely investigated.

Yah’s Esteem


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