Trading Places


Trading Places

Some Messianics – Hebrew Roots that have come from the Church have become embittered at the Church, to the point of being incensed at the prospect that the Church could be right about anything.

I remember being angry about all the truisms, omissions, voids, sidesteps, lies and error postulations myself – We have all come from a ‘let-me-tell-you-what-this-means’ program.

Most of us have already had to deal with and process through the religious sophistry – in other words, we have all been taught to disregard what is plainly there.

Yet we all must remember that Satan’s best tool is to mix lies and errors with truth. Even so; a large percentage of the ‘truth’ the Church does have is taught in a way that tends to support the religious error.

That necessarily means that the Church does have some ‘truth’; but we must prayerfully sift through it with fully-accounted-for Biblical, Scriptural, Torah and exercised Spiritual discernment.

Because of their Torah disregarding and/or minimizing theology; what the Church has produced the most of instead of ‘fully equipped disciples’ is ill-equipped Spiritual Schizophrenics.

A ‘schizophrenic’ has ten fingers, ten toes, two eyes, two legs, a mouth, a nose, etc. in short he looks normal, but his view of reality is not reality.

In the same way these ‘Spiritual Schizophrenics’ have a view of religious reality that does not reflect biblical reality.

Plainly; religious adherence is not the same as Scriptural Obedience.

The highly sophisticated ‘Rabbinics’ of Judaism have their polished version of this same ‘Spiritual Schizophrenic’ scenario.

When we hear of ‘replacement theology’ we classically think of the Church placing themselves in the place of the biblical ‘nation of Israel’ now being the recipients of the blessings once promised to Israel.

They see themselves as legitimate extensions of the blessing through Abraham upon all nations – which is partially correct (a truism).

Yet they do not see themselves as part of biblical Israel, nor keep the Appointed Times of the Covenant despite all the New Testament evidence to the contrary (Rom.11:25; Eph.2:12/:19, etc.).

Now go read Mt.15:3, Mk.7:9/:13 – Yahshua (Christ) basically says ‘you have transgressed the commandment of Yah with your traditions’

– ‘you-your’ is Jewish, Pharisees i.e. Rabbis ergo Jewish ‘replacement theology’.

Plainly; both the ‘Church’ and the ‘Rabbi’s’ have their own ‘replacement theology’.

Yah’s Esteem


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