A Life Walk

The ‘Jesus’ that they taught me; was born a Hebrew Jew
He came to save us ‘from’ all sin … to show us what to do.

He said, “keep the Commandments” and “go and sin no more”
But most learn … Sunday’s holy; He never said … or did before.

John 7:16 says this ‘Jesus’ said … My doctrine is “not” My own
He walked all days in His Father’s ways … the example for us is shown.

Yahshua taught and kept Yahweh’s Torah … His Father’s Word and too
Kept His Sabbath days; His Annual Appointed Times; even using Hanukkah at John 10:22

Most Churches preach every Sunday … on Easter … at Christmas and Valentines
With flying deer … pierced hearts … eggs and bunnies … all pagan made up times.

We teach this to our children; as Truth and Praise to ‘God’?
We say we follow His Word; but it’s not there. … This is odd.

Yahshua’s Birth, Death, Resurrection … The core Bible that is True
We mix with profane customs; then … Praise and Worship with it too?

2 Corinthians 11:15; presents a sobering theme … of Satan’s ministry done in Church
Like that old stuff was all changed … it’s been ‘fulfilled’; no need to obey … or search.

Preaching ‘grace – no law’ … ‘just trust in Jesus’ … that’s all we need to do
But Matthew 7:23 says it … differently … obeying the Truth of His Law is on you.

We’re taught a Brand New Gospel … All things are different from “the Cross”;
But; Hebrews 4:2 Sinai ‘Gospel’; … remains the same for “them” … and all of “us”.

We’re all to confess of all sin … living His Commandments … in His Covenant
We all are to be … Yahweh’s very Family … under His Ephesians 2:12 ‘cover-net’.

Yahweh’s Covenant … to walk outside it … is to go it on your own
Childish ignorance is of one thing … is of arrogance when you’re grown.

Reward is what we all want … Breeching Yahweh’s Covenant?
We’ll get rewarded all right … in what the wicked are to get.

So turn your heart to the Covenant Mediator … accept Yahshua, Yahweh’s Son
Learn His Covenant and Commandments; gaining His life when your life is done.

Poem by – Dr. David L. Perry Th.D. – Yah’s Esteem


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