Counter Missionaries

There are counter missionaries of all stripes, on a number of issues out there; snagging and reaping an un-suspecting deceived harvest, that go on (fairly rapidly in some cases) to defend some biblically inaccurate new

or supposedly rediscovered special knowledge – tooth and nail, while spreading and propagating it themselves.Their reasonings can sound so very reasoned – until you look at what is avoided and how they avoid it. Until you discover their default point of reference constructing an understanding that reveals an intellect system from that paradigm (point of view).That ‘default intellect’ can (and many times does) operate on a system of ‘granteds or givens’ that allows and even encourages certain trains of thought, while ignoring, ridiculing, minimizing or flatly disallowing others without circumspect investigation and honest, fully-accounted-for, re-searched due process.We must be very careful in who we listen to; Jews – Orthodox to Karaite, they do have a lot of valuable knowledge.

However; Jews – Orthodox to Karaite bottom-line do not believe in Yahshua; let alone died and rose again, His divinity, that He (as YHWH’s Messiah) even came at any time.

If He never came then; He did not change anything – He is not the Melchizedek High Priest, we are not being called into His Melchizedek Priesthood, we have no choice but to believe as the Jews that defer and base all understanding to the home-base premise that includes deferring to a Levitical Priesthood standard.

As you can see for a washed in the blood Gospel-Torah believer (Church and Messianic) this is totally unacceptable. Yet there are those that continue to slide into this; pandering to a Jewish Rabbinic style train of thought that would naturally (even in Messianic circles) discount anything related to a Melchizedek Priesthood under Yahshua the Melchizedek High Priest.

Yah’s Esteem


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