There are hundreds of Denominations upon hundreds of Denominations, even in Judaism there are groups and sects i.e. Denominations.

My wife loves to watch ‘Animal Planet’; it’s just not my thing but I’m glad I saw this one. This episode was on dogs – the narrator was teaching that all breeds of dog comes from a wolf.

He then went on to say that the fact that a dog comes from a wolf does not prove that the DNA of a wolf has grown more information to be come a dog. It proves just the opposite, that the DNA of a wolf has lost information to be come a dog.

Further that if we lost all dogs but had wolves, we could recreate all breeds of dog – BUT – if we ever lost all wolves there is not enough DNA from any dog breed to ever recreate a wolf.

My immediate thought was ‘bingo’ that’s exactly what’s happened to the Churches (and Jewish Assemblies) they have turned their backs on Torah – they have added to and subtracted from the TaNaK (as well as the rest of the OT and NT). They have lost and continue to lose information to become these different ‘Denominations’, groups and sects.

Another Uncovery – Yah’s Esteem


One thought on “Wolves

  1. Very interesting and very Informative. Now if people will just have ears to hear and eyes to see and then repent and obey YHVH’s Principles, His Wisdom found inTorah.

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