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Understanding with Clarity

Kippah’s – the Jewish skull cap (Yarmulke / Yamaka – Yiddish) are an interesting anomaly. Found nowhere in scripture, yet adamantly adhered to. Purportedly from a ruling by Maimonides (1135-1204 c.e.); some try to wrench a ‘Kippah’ position in that the Levite Priests were to wear bonnets H4021 (Ex.28:4; 40; 29:9).


From the same as

H1389; a cap (as hemispherical): – bonnet.The problem is this command was to the Levite Priests (specifically to Aaron and/or his Son’s). Most Israelites and all Jews are not Levites; let alone ‘Son’s of Aaron’. Even most Levites are not ‘Son’s of Aaron’. –

( the son’s of Zadok (including Phinehas – Ezra 7:1-5) are a specific branch of the son’s of Aaron.

The riddle to grapple with is – All son’s of Zadok are son’s of Aaron; all son’s of Aaron are Livite – but not all Livites are son’s of Aaron and not all son’s of Aaron are son’s of Zadok –

Just like – All Jews are Israelites; all Israelites are Hebrew but not all Hebrews are Israelites and not all Israelites are Jews.

In other words for clarity – simply all persons in Dallas live in Texas, all persons in Texas live in America – BUT – not all Americans live in Texas and not all Texans live in Dallas.

We must be distinct in our understandings, we must understand with clarity and obey what we have studied, can prove and understand.

So the truth is that all Jews of the ‘House of Judah’ (including converts, including Messianic, and identifying others) that are not Livites; of the ‘Sons of Aaron’, that wear the Kippah (hemispherical cap ) anyway are in clear violation of the Torah command given specifically to the ‘Sons of Aaron’.

2Tim. 2:15 Study to shew thyself approved unto Yah, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.

Yah’s Esteem


7 thoughts on “Kippah’s

  1. There is nothing wrong with head coverings. It is commanding that they be worn that is a violation and saying that you are a descendent of a particular tribe when you aren’t. I don’t consider it sinful for a man or a woman to wear a covering as long as there is no forced command to it. It is sad that so many will force things and there is no evidence for them doing it.

    • I will answer from the Bible – 1Cor 11:4 Every man praying or prophesying, having his head covered, dishonoureth his head.

      As stated the only Torah command for the semi-hemispherical bonnet was to the Sons of Aaron – regardless of compelled command or not – it is an addition to Torah for another to wear it.


  2. Hello another interesting article. Thank you.
    Please consider these points

    If you mean that all JUDAHITES are called Jews your statement that all Jews are Israelites is correct. However you probably mean all Jews in the generic sense which is clearly not correct because in Esther 8 many Babylonians became Jews. Therefore more accurately the word Jew means followers of Judaism. Judaism was known as the oral traditions of the fathers that Yahshua strongly rebuked. It became codified ie written circa 200 AD and became known as The Talmud ( which includes other writings) In our Lords ministry it was Phariseeism today it is Rabinical. However you must know that there are two Talmuds one Jerusalem JT and the other which is the prime root is Babylonian BT. The Babylonian Sun Priests wore skull caps and so too the Catholic Church priests.
    I will leave you if I may to put the pieces together on that Babylonian issue.
    One other thing in my opinion not all Israelites were Hebrew in the blood sense at least because of adoptions , captives and inter- marrying. Joseph’s two children were half Egyptian.
    Brother John

    • It is interesting you say your self “many Babylonians became Jews” – Meaning ??? – and not only that populous group but others as well including individual proselytes. Adoption legally is the stronger bond even over a natural born. Even in Yah’s economy everyone today accepting the Blood of Yahshua is redeemed and therefore ‘adopted’ into YHWH’s Kingdom (Eph.2:19)

      “Joseph’s two children were half Egyptian” and that is a great point for adoption – Study Gen.48:19 ‘Malo Goyim’ can mean ‘fullness of the gentiles’ seen at Rom.11:25 – Ask yourself – come in – to what? – Israel

      • Thank you for at least replying even though my peace to you was not reciprocated. Torah says that you must not vex a stranger.
        To be precise your point about headgear is correct (even though you don’t acknowledge the Babalonian connection) however your analogy re Jews/Israelites/Hebrews is incorrect.
        All Jews are not Israelites as Israelites refers to the stock of Israel. It is true though that by marriage and physical adoption becoming an Israelite was inevitable. Ergo by marrying a Judahite or being adopted an individual became of the tribe of Judah ergo an Israelite or of the house of Judah//Israel.
        The Esther episode deals with people who accepted a faith of the Judahites but doesn’t make them Israelites ie of the stock of Israel. One can also question the true YHWH faith of these people because from where does the Babylonian Talmud originate.
        To add weight to this point about stock , Judea was full of Edomites and they were called Jews because they were Judean. So they certainly weren’t t Israelites. These were probably the Jews that Yeshua rebuked. Want further proof study Romans 9:6.. all those in Israel… And also Phil 3:5 about the identity of the true stock. So even marriage or adoption doesn’t make you a Hebrew. In Phil 3 Paul identifies himself as Hebrew of Hebrews meaning his stock was through Benjamin a son of Jacob a son of Abraham the Hebrew . Thus distinguishing himself from the Edomites who were of Abraham but not of Jacob : and from the Moabites and Ammonites who were Hebrew but of Lot and not Abraham all of whom claimed to be Jews because they lived in Judea.
        Hope that helps you in your studies and website content.
        Sincerely hope you do not regard me as antagonistic and see the truth in my comments .
        Numbers 6: 24 to end.

        Shalom Dave


      • You say – Benjamin a son of Jacob a son of Abraham the Hebrew – The man Judah was just as much a son of Jacob/Israel a son of Abraham the Hebrew – Hence all lineage Jews are Israelites

        But specifically the term Jew can be as you point out a confused proposition. I point that out elsewhere

  3. Hi Dave
    Thanks again for your reply and for confirming what was said in the first place.
    I simply mentioned Benjamin because I was quoting the Pauline Scripture dealing with the subject matter. When YHWH split Israel into two ie Northern Kingdom and Southern Kingdom the former retained the title Israel [and Ephraim] and the latter Judah: Judah comprised the two tribes of Judah and Benjamin [plus some Levites and a sprinkling from the Northern Kingdom].
    Paul in Phil 3 is acknowledging that he is a Judahite [from Southern kingdom] but not of the stock of the man Judah.
    Clearly in Revelations we see early on that there are fake Jews and we should therefore listen to what the Holy Spirit is saying to the called out ones [to those who have an ear to hear].
    Therefore if there are fake Jews there have to be real Jews but we need Yah’s discernment to understand the difference.
    The Peace and Fullness of Yeshua.

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